Omega Contact Solutions

Omega Contact Solutions is a U.S. based call center with headquarters in Modesto, Ca. Our founder was looking for a way to increase revenue in his own insurance agency, and discovered telemarketing was the answer. After 2 years of successful calling for his own agency, Omega Contact Solutions was developed as a separate company with a mission to obtain the same results for other insurance agencies in the United States. Soon, we realized that Insurance Agencies were not the only class of business that could excel with a good quality call campaign. Today we call for a variety of businesses and campaigns that cover the entire United States. Our management team has over 15 years in the call center business. Our callers all have call center experience and are compensated by the success of your campaign.

Helping Your Business Grow

One Phone Call At A Time!

When it comes to being on the cutting edge of telemarketing, Omega Contact Solutions is leading the charge. We combine the latest technology and creative thinking to bring measurable results.Our callers excel at helping businesses connect with new customers, expanding their outreach and market share. If you are looking to increase your revenue, our company has what it takes to help you achieve your goal.A Few Things We Are Really Good at:

  • B2B Face to Face Appointment Setting
  • B2B Phone Appointments
  • B2C Campaigns
  • Survey Campaigns
  • Nonprofit Fund Raising Campaigns